Celebrate with Pizza Hut Exciting Birthday Promotions in 2024!

Hey little pizza lovers! We have some fantastic news for you! Celebrate with Pizza Hut is throwing a big party, and guess what? You’re invited! They have super cool promotions for birthdays during the special leap year of 2024. Let’s explore these yummy deals together! – koin303

1.Celebrate with Pizza Hut: Big Savings with Special Prices:

Pizza Feast for You and Me! Pizza Hut has a magical offer for everyone who loves a good pizza party. When you buy a Large Cheesy Bites or Stuffed Crust pizza and a Regular Pan pizza together, you only need to pay Rp 188,000. That’s a special price to make your pizza feast even more delightful!

Celebrate with Pizza Hut Exciting Birthday Promotions in 2024!

2. Celebrate with Pizza Hut : When Can You Grab this Deal?

Mark Your Calendar! Hold on to your pizza-loving hats because this special deal is available from February 26 to February 29, 2024. You can order it starting from 10:00 in the morning until the closing time of Pizza Hut outlets. Imagine enjoying delicious pizza with your friends and family during these exciting days! – koin303

3.Celebrate with Pizza Hut:  Where Can You Enjoy this Promo?

Pizza Paradise All Over Indonesia! The best part is, you can dive into this pizza delight not only at Pizza Hut restaurants but also in every corner of Indonesia. However, do remember that this offer is not valid at Pizza Hut branches in Jakarta and Bali airports. So, if you’re in other parts of Indonesia, get ready for a pizza party! – koin303

4. Birthday Magic for Leap Year Celebrants:

 Leap Into Birthday Bliss! Now, here comes the super exciting part! If you are celebrating your birthday during the leap year of 2024, Pizza Hut has a special gift for you. You can enjoy a FREE Birthday Pizza! Yes, you read it right – a whole pizza just for you.

5. How to Claim Your Birthday Pizza:

Your Birthday, Your Pizza! To grab this fantastic birthday treat, make sure to visit Pizza Hut during the 7 days before your birthday and the 7 days after. That’s a whole two weeks of birthday joy! When you order, show your ID card or KTP to the friendly Pizza Hut crew, and voila – your birthday celebration just got even more delicious.

6. Dine-In Exclusive:

Party at Pizza Hut! Quick tip: This amazing birthday promo is available only for dine-in services. So, gather your friends, pick your favorite Pizza Hut spot, and enjoy your birthday bash right there. It’s like having your own pizza party headquarters!


There you have it, little pizza enthusiasts – the amazing birthday promotions from Pizza Hut in the leap year of 2024. Whether you’re enjoying a special price pizza feast or claiming your FREE Birthday Pizza, Pizza Hut is ready to make your celebrations extra cheesy and extra fun! Don’t miss out on these yummy deals – grab your slice of happiness at Pizza Hut!